Friday, March 7, 2014

Signs of Spring

Spring has taken hold of the magnolias, swathed their branches in the silk of curling petals, stained each flower a flushed violet. In other words, spring has sprung! To celebrate, we drove to an old estate south of the city a few weeks ago, to see the gardens.


Lorina said...

Gorgeous photos!

Vivre Shabby Chic said...

I love your photos,
Nice to read you... ^___^

Hannah. said...

Wow, such pretty pictures and that last one, can I live there?
I'm so happy Spring is starting to arrive the Sun always puts me in a good mood and I feel like I can do anything!


Jane said...

the start of spring is such a beautiful time of the year. On this side of the world, we're heading into Autumn, which I love, cooler days, changing colours. Jx

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful, these images.
Happy Spring Thoughts!

Sue Marrazzo said...


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