Thursday, April 26, 2012

Handmade Wedding

The first Sunday of spring it rained a light spring rain. The kind that illuminates the white-pink blossoms against water-stained bark and gunmetal sky. It sends shoots and tendrils up from the soaked, blackened earth, coats the old brick path with moss. I think this season is the perfect time to share these crafts from a book I contributed to last year called Handmade Wedding (Penguin Books Australia, 2011). I created Fabric Envelopes, a Fabric Monogram, and my personal favorite, a Garland Basket, fashioned from a pip berry garland, wire and a hand sewn silk sash (all pictured above). Some of my other favorites in the book included projects by Halligan Norris Smith and Amy Moss; I also loved the book's photography by Julie Renouf.