Friday, May 27, 2011

The Wind and the Sea

A few weeks ago we drove out to the point, where grey skies broke to windswept clouds over the ocean. I hadn't been to the lighthouse since I was a girl, too young to remember anything but the bright of sand and whitewash. I had forgotten the rooms and their strange quiet. The artifacts (circa 1880s), touched only by sunlight and dust. Can you imagine a life here? Overlooking the vast and ancient sea, the lore of a thousand years adrift on the current.

Wont you take a walk with me?
Down where the shore meets the wind and the sea.
I once sought my fortune there,
'Neath torrid sails, in tepid air.
In that place of crest and swell,
Where golden chest and porcelain shell,
Tarnish in the blackened deep,
Forgotten in a lasting sleep.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Little Brown Bunny

Hello again! I'm back with the second project I promised you last week.  I usually enjoy coming up with my own crafting ideas — it's often my favorite part of the process, but every now and then I come across a tutorial I just cannot resist. Each spring I'm reminded of this charming how-to by Jennifer Murphy for Martha Stewart, and I decided this was the year I'd make a pom-pom bunny of my very own. What have you been up to this fine May Day? I'm off to do a little spring cleaning and savor the remains of the day.