Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In Your Easter Bonnet

Hello dear friends! I did some crafting over Easter weekend, and wanted to share the results with you this week and next. First up are these miniature silk and satin bonnets (4.5" across widest part of brim); they're based on this 1830s bonnet from the Old Sturbridge Village collection (the pale blue, deep rose and aged muslin ties on that particular piece are just gorgeous). To make a miniature version of my own, I drafted a pattern which you can download for personal use by clicking here. For more photos, instructions and supply tips, click here to read on.

Friday, April 1, 2011

She Hates California, It's Cold and It's Damp

Road trips that start in the early morning are sublime. Filled with the promise of open highway and burgeoning daylight. Punctuated by quiet breakfasts, beachfront diners and old tunes on the radio. The cares of yesterday get lost in this world of scenic routes, unfolded maps and gas station postcards. It’s certainly true — sooner or later, wanderlust gets the better of us and we take to the road.A couple of weeks ago, I took a weekend trip with Brett along the central California coast. It was stormy sort of weekend - hence my title for this post (a peculiar lyric from this song) - but I managed to take some photos and compiled them in a little online magazine/travel journal. Click here or on the mini magazine below to read (Flash required).