Friday, May 27, 2011

The Wind and the Sea

A few weeks ago we drove out to the point, where grey skies broke to windswept clouds over the ocean. I hadn't been to the lighthouse since I was a girl, too young to remember anything but the bright of sand and whitewash. I had forgotten the rooms and their strange quiet. The artifacts (circa 1880s), touched only by sunlight and dust. Can you imagine a life here? Overlooking the vast and ancient sea, the lore of a thousand years adrift on the current.

Wont you take a walk with me?
Down where the shore meets the wind and the sea.
I once sought my fortune there,
'Neath torrid sails, in tepid air.
In that place of crest and swell,
Where golden chest and porcelain shell,
Tarnish in the blackened deep,
Forgotten in a lasting sleep.


Romantic Heroine said...

beautiful post. thank you for sharing!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Gorgeous! Your photos are always so ethereal and romantic. I think you should sell some on Etsy. You have that "eye". Take care girl and have a great summer. Looking forward to my next visual treat from you. Love Love, Stacy

Heidi said...

Who took the photos? They look lovely

Livy said...

Hi Heidi!
I took the photos; generally, I only post images that are my own. In the rare case that I do post something that isn't mine, I will credit the photographer/stylist/source.

Thea said...

This is lovely in every way. Your poem is beautiful, and of course your photographs are as well. There is mystery, but I think also sadness, in lighthouses, I can't explain it. I think perhaps you understand, though. x

Ann Marie said...

mmmm. lovely, lovely, lovely.

Tereza said...

Love that picture of the window!!

Rosane Castilhos said...

Beautiful photos!
I love your blog, I would like to visit my Trésors.
Kisses and a beautiful day!

Nicole Holm said...

These are stunning!

alex said...

This looks so relaxing, I love going to the ocean and just sit on the shore and listen to the sound of waves:) The pictures are lovely!

delirium said...

Gosh, I wanna go to that place, so lovely! :)
Great pictures and words, loved it.

Have a nice evening!

One Picture and a Thousand Words said...

Lovely photographs! It looks gorgeous.

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

That lighthouse is where I got married! Love them!

Erin Moline said...

Beautiful, beautiful. I especially love the title picture. Just found your blog through decor8, great work!

Auntie Chris said...

I live in Santee, which is close to the lighthouse in Wind and Sea. I love that place, and she captured the essence of it so well.

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