Friday, December 25, 2009

Silver & Gold

Wrappings from Christmas morning. Kraft paper, baker's twine and some homemade adornments...Book pages and sheet music, folded, icily edged. Stars, painted gold and glittered silver.Gift tags - frosty vellum and typewriter letters, red thread and captured snow. "They looked up and saw a star. Shining in the east beyond them far. And to the earth it gave a great light. And so it continued both day and night."Warmest wishes!

In the Lane Snow is Glistening

This morning, snow is glistening in a miniature Christmas village. I have coveted vintage glitter houses from afar in past Decembers, and this year with all these great resources I couldn't pass up the chance to make my own. These are all constructed from cereal boxes using patterns found online and some drafted by my brother (he and my dad helped me cut them out too - thanks guys!). They all have mica flake rooftops, vellum window panes, and acrylic painted siding with a fine dust of white glitter. The door of the church is silvery with German glass glitter and a few houses have homemade pipe cleaner wreaths.Of course every glitter village needs a forest of bottlebrush trees. These were formerly dark green trees from the bargain store until I bleached, dyed and decorated them. To their bristles I added glitter and mica snow, mini plastic ornaments and pearly beads. My method was very imprecise but this tutorial has really detailed instructions of the process for those interested.
I also found a bottle brush wreath on sale for a few dollars and I couldn't resist. I gave it a new ribbon and swapped out some of the smaller plastic ornaments for miniature glass ones from a few years ago.
I hope you've enjoyed this little tour. I have just a few more things to share later this afternoon but until then, best wishes to you and yours!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Soon It Will Be Christmas Day

Oh it's only days away, I can't believe it! During the week since final exams ended I've been doing much work on a project I'll get to share in 2010. Of course I've also been holiday shopping with Brett, tree trimming and partaking in family outings. This week I'm going to devote some time to making crafts inspired by the Christmases of the first half of the 20th century. I've gathered up Victorian paper cutouts, reproduction mica snow, bottlebrush trees, ambered sheet music, twine, tinsel and all kinds of glitter. What possibilities await!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lights and Snowflakes

The two hour drive north last Sunday was night sky and strings of white lights over Christmas tree lots. Firs clustered under red and white striped tents, propped against fences, tall, full, narrow or flocked. In every city we passed. It's that time of year. Here at A Field Journal holiday things are getting underway. The first project of the season is one I created for Papermash. Winter whites, warm light and the most intricately patterned doilies I've ever seen - need I say more? You can download the nifty instructional .pdf for these Snowflake Votives at Papermash through January. Just note you'll need to use battery tea lights for these.